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YG-1 Mexico Highlights Automotive Tools at QUALITY WEEK

YG-1 Tools Mexico S.A de C.V (YG-1 Mexico) was honored to receive an invitation to QUALITY WEEK, an event organized by the American Axle & Manufacturing plant (AAM), a valued partner and end user of YG-1 Mexico. Held at Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico, in August, this event brought together automotive industry leaders.

During QUALITY WEEK, YG-1 Mexico proudly displayed a range of specialized tools tailored for the automotive industry. This exhibit attracted attention, showcasing YG-1's latest tool solution capabilities and underlining their commitment to innovation.

The active participation of YG-1 Mexico in this event celebrated their enduring partnership with AAM. It underscored their dedication to specialized tools and solutions that contribute to advancements within the automotive sector.

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