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New Premium Solid Carbide End Mill for HRc 50 to 70

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Product manager of round tools in EMEA

Please welcome YG-1’s new brand X1.

As in the case of X-Power PRO, and X5070, which are the most recognizable among our brands, the letter ‘X’ is YG-1’s representative brand. At a glance, it is easy to recognize as the best premium product line, adding the number 1 to represent GLOBAL NO.1 main image

X1-EH Solid Carbide End Mills are the first to be introduced, with 'E' for End Mill and 'H' for ISO-H materials, namely high hardened steels. Highest Accuracy based on Precise Tolerances have been designed to deliver the Highest Value to the Customer.

The more accurate the Tool, the more accurate the Workpiece
From roughing to semi-finishing, to fine-finishing and even polishing there are several stages in Die & Mold making to get to a finished die set. Finally, the try-out phase is started, commonly resulting in re-works or adjustments. To minimize this costly stage, and the time-consuming process of hand polishing, die making is all about achieving maximum accuracy in the initial machining process.

A die set mainly consists of free-form contours, forcing the contact point of the tool in relation to the workpiece to be constantly changing. The accuracy of the CNC control and machine itself rely upon the accuracy of the tool. The CNC machine is predictable and inaccuracies in the movement of the machine can be compensated for by either hardware or software adjustments. Whereas the accuracy of the tool needs to be built into the tool. Only by using the most precise tool can we achieve the accuracy intended by the machine and programmer. main image

This is exactly where X1-EH provides the maximum benefit to the customer.

+1µm to -5µm Ball Nose accuracy and h4 Shank
This is a strong statement – market common is h6. We at YG-1, having the blank production under our control, already provide h5 on many of our products, one level more accurate than industry standard. h4 is therefore considered the absolute premium. Shank accuracy directly translates into tool run out. main image

For clarity of understanding, this +1µm to -5µm means that the actual cutting edge is a maximum of 3µm, or 3/1000 of a millimeter, away from the ideal nominal size everywhere along the full-radius profile of the ball nose. Remember, the contact point of the tool in relationship to the workpiece is changing all through the machining process. No matter at what angle the point of the tool is making contact with the workpiece you will achieve the same accuracy. Having a low single digit deviation from the ideal size produces a workpiece closest to the net shape the designers in the CAD system created in the first place.

Portfolio is the key element
You may be wondering now about X5070. Yes, X5070 is a great product line. Signature Blue-Coating, Nano-Carbide, and various tool styles including High feed. X1-EH was created from scratch, starting at diameter 0.1mm, the existing portfolios of X5070 and other local variations were set aside to allow for the introduction of a totally new portfolio. main image

819 new items allow for stick-out length optimization. The lower the stick-out length, the less deflection and therefore the more stable the tool is. As part of this new portfolio, 230 items are conical neck versions, something we as YG-1 never had within X5070. With regards to 2-flute tools, only 14 items overlap between X1-EH and X5070. X1-EH offers a totally new portfolio of items to choose from, >60% more items available than in X5070.

C-Coating and Nano-Carbide
The harder the workpiece material, the higher the tool life with X1-EH. This is due to the higher hardness of the C-Coating. Using Si as a dominating alloy, the coating exhibits ceramic behavior and elasticity due to its nano-layer structure.

The substate for shank size 6mm and below is still a Nano-Carbide – grains smaller than 0.2µm – as with X5070 but even finer in grain distribution. This finer grain distribution has the effect of increasing hardness and toughness at the same time as the cobalt wettable surface increases the smaller the WC particles get. Think about the lung cells in your body covering 100 square meters of surface, and you can image the power of these finely distributed Nano-Carbides bonding together.

The Target for X1-EH
Introducing 2-flute high accuracy tooling first, already indicates the target – Fine-Finishing. Of course, X1-EH can also be used in Semi-Finishing or Roughing but here higher flute count tooling, especially 4-flute, offers higher Productivity and Tool life.

Fine-Finishing is very often left to a small selection of High Reputation Brands from literally one country in this World. Not to name our competitors here but the Mission is to “Gain Market Share by Replacing Those” with X1-EH, tool by tool.

Every one of these initial 819 items are on the shelf in EMEA to meet your needs and to fulfill that Mission.

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