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YG-1 Europe Organized Successful December Webinars in EMEA

YG-1 Europe conducted the December webinars for customers in the EMEA region successfully.

Dr. Robert Damaschek, the product manager of indexable inserts in EMEA, led the informative webinar on December 8th, introducing the expansion of the indexable inserts portfolio. The portfolio includes the YG2025, TPKT11 & TPKT16, highlighting their main features, applications, and inclusion in the catalog.

Mr. Thilo Mueller, the product manager of round tools in EMEA, conducted a session on December 12th, regarding on the Super HSS Super-GP drill, HSS & HSS-E Gold-P drill, HSSCo8 & HSS-E HPD Straight Shank Drill and HSS-PM Multi-1 drill. He covered the main features of the tools, providing examples of their applications.

The webinar served as a valuable platform for customers to stay informed about the latest advancements and explore the benefits of YG-1's tooling solutions.

*Webinar information

Two webinars on various topics, held by one of our product managers or specialists with many years of experience and expertise, are held each Friday, one at 8:30 a.m. and the other at 9:30 a.m. (Berlin Time Zone). Webinar information is regularly updated on LinkedIn of YG-1 Europe:

Webinar information is regularly updated on LinkedIn of YG-1 Europe:

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